How to Hire a Management Consultant


Taking the plunge and hiring a management consultant is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re lucky enough to land a top-notch employee you’re likely to be the envy of the office. Aside from the myriad benefits of a good salary, you’ll be rewarded with a golden ticket of sorts: yours to keep or to scrounge. If you are lucky you might also have the chance to take home the prize of the CEO’s mantelpiece. Alternatively, you might be the recipient of a slap on the wrist. Luckily, the management enclave is a relatively small group of dedicated folks with the requisite finesse and feng shui savvy. The key to success is a little common sense. If you can’t bring your A game, you might as well get out of the door. The best place to start is with a solid plan of attack. To this end, you need to a) understand your clientele, b) heed their complaints and c) put a plan in place. Once you’ve got the top of the line down, you’re on your way to a career of enlightenment.

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